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La Vlogging Pro+

🔰An Anti-Virus Sanitization Card is included in this meal. Wear it during your rent, for an extra layer of protection from covid-19 virus.
🍔This Set Meal Includes:🍟
🍱 Meal No: 5892
🌭GoPro Hero 9 Black: x 1
🍎GoPro Pro Aluminum Studio Cage: x 1
🍪Lens Cap: x 1
🫒GoPro Batteries: x 3
🧀SanDisk 64GB Extreme Micro SD Card: x 2
🥂All-In-One Card Reader Battery Charging Case: x 2
🥕GoPro Charging Cable: x 1
🍐GoPro Mic Adaptor Unit: x 1
🍊Rode Wireless Go Transmitter: x 1
🍊Rode Wireless Go Receiver: x 1
🌶Lavalier Mic: x 1
🥕3.5mm Mic Cable: x 1
🥬Dead Cat Noise Cancellation: x 1
🥕USB C Cable: x 2
🍇 RGB Fill Light: x 1
🥓GoPro 3-Way 2.0 Pole: x 2
🍊Triple Suction Mount: x 1
🍌GoPro Gooseneck Mount: x 1
🌽GoPro Jaw Clamp Mount: x 1
🥠GoPro Hard Case: x 1
🔰Anti-Virus Sanitization Card: x 1

🍿Meal Upsize! And More:🍫


Select one or more meal Upsize! during reservation. Woohoo!

1. 🍭Vlogging Pro+ Upsize!

Price: $4/day

1 x 🥗Boya Camera Condenser Mic
1 x 🍞Fur Windshield
1 x 🧆SC2 3.5mm Cable/p>

🍴Booking Requirement:🍴

Option 1️⃣ (Verification):
➔ 🥣 To waive the deposit, sign-up, and fully complete your online profile at for verification. After successful verification, the deposit for renting this item will be waived at confirmation.
➔ 🍺 The minimum age requirement for option 1 is 18. For those who are below the age of 18, kindly ask your parent or guardian to complete the renting process on your behalf.

Option 2️⃣ (Deposit):
➔ 📥 A refundable deposit of S$1200 to be paid upon confirmation for booking this Set Meal via PayNow or Bank Transfer.
➔ 📤 The deposit will be refunded back to you within 1 hour after returning the item.
➔ No minimum age requirement for this option.


🥡Item Pick-up and Return: 🥡

Option 1️⃣: Self Service (From $0)
➔ 🥢 Free self pick-up and return at Studio 8(S389144, 1 min walk from Kallang MRT) from 2 fixed time slots:
– Morning Slot: 7 am-8 am (Mon – Sun)
– Evening Slot: 6 pm-7 pm (Mon – Sun)
➔ 🫐$2 per self pick-up or drop-off at Studio 8(S389144, 1 min walk from Kallang MRT) outside of fixed time slots.
➔ 🍇$3 per self-pick-up or drop-off at Kallang MRT.

Option 2️⃣: Delivery Service (From $20)
❗️Take Note: First time customers who choose to waive the deposit by profile verification, the first pick up has to be done by the person himself/herself for verification, subsequent rentals can be done with delivery services.
➔ 🚚 $20 Pick-up of Item delivery service. Deliver your rented items to you within 30mins to your doorstep.(Additional $10 for Sentosa and Jurong Island)
➔ 🚛 $20 Return of Item delivery service. Pick-up your return item from you within 30mins from your doorstep.(Additional $10 for Sentosa and Jurong Island)


🍬Promotion 🍬

· Return Customer
$5 off for every $100 Dollar Accumulated Spend

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🥤Rental Price For This Meal:🥤
🧋Price per day: S$ 32
🧃Price per day (3days+): S$ 30
🧃Price per day (5days+): S$ 28
🧂Sanitization Fee: S$ 0.5 per rent
🍻 Minimum No. of rental days: 1
🥫Deposit(Verify Account to Waive): S$ 1,200
-- 🧋Upsize! Price List🧋--:
🍭Vlogging Pro+ Upsize!: S$ 4 Per day
🥤One-way Delivery: S$ 20 per rent
🥡Two-way Delivery: S$ 38 per rent
🥢Anytime Pick Up: S$ 2 per rent
🍴MRT Pick Up: S$ 5 per rent
🌱50% Coverage For Damage: S$ 1 Per day
🍀70% Coverage For Damage
(🔥Popular!): S$ 3 Per day
🌴80% Coverage For Damage: S$ 5 Per day
🌭This Set Meal Features:🌭
-GoPro Hero 9 Features-
1080p Live Streaming
1080p Webcam mode
20MP Photo
3 Internal Microphones
30% More Battery Life
5K Video Recording
Front Facing Display
HyperSmooth 3.0
Larger 2.27” Rear Touch Display
New Image Sensor
RAW photos
Voice Control
Waterproof to 10m
🥢Self Pickup Address:🥢
🍜Meetup Spot: Studio 8
🫔Nearest MRT: Kallang MRT
🍳Morning Free Slot: 7am - 8am
🍣Evening Free Slot: 6pm - 7pm
🥮Country: Singapore
🥑Terms and Conditions:🥑
🌶 1x Day Rental = 24 Hours
🌶 For extension of rent please inform us at least 48hrs in advance and is subject to availability.
🌶 Late Fee of 1-day rental amount will be charged if return late but within 2 hours.
🌶Late Fee of 2 days rental amount will be charged if return late but within 24 hours.
For cancellation, please inform us at least 48 hours prior to the pick-up date to get a 50% refund. No refund will be issued once the cancellation window has passed.


July 2024
August 2024

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S$ 32 per day

🥣Reserve This Meal🥣

Upsize Your Meal & Other Add Ons Below:
🍭Vlogging Pro+ Upsize!
S$ 4
Per day
🥤One-way Delivery
S$ 20
per rent
🥡Two-way Delivery
S$ 38
per rent
🥢Anytime Pick Up
S$ 2
per rent
🍴MRT Pick Up
S$ 5
per rent
🌱50% Coverage For Damage
S$ 1
Per day
🍀70% Coverage For Damage
S$ 3
Per day
🌴80% Coverage For Damage
S$ 5
Per day

- Insurance Terms -
• Do not cover item loss and theft.
• Do not damage due to water/liquid.
• Do not cover data loss.
• All damaged items and broken pieces must be fully recovered and returned.

- How to Wavie Security Deposit? -
• Sign up and verify your account.
• Proceed to reserve this meal.
• Security Deposite will be waived at final payment.

- Not Seeing Your Discounts? -
• All active discounts will be reflected on the final payment invoice.

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